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Educational Planners for K-12 District Questionnaire for K-12
Master Planners for K-12 Facility Maintenance Plan Advisors
Assessors for K-12 Assessors for DPS
Assessors for ADJ Assessors for DRC
Assessors for AGO Assessors for DVS
Assessors for AGR Assessors for DYS
Assessors for BWC Assessors for EXP
Assessors for COM Assessors for JFS
Assessors for CSR Assessors for JSC
Assessors for DAS Assessors for ODOT
Assessors for DDD Assessors for OHC
Assessors for DHE Assessors for OSB
Assessors for DMH Assessors for OSD
Assessors for DNR Assessors for OFCC
RPC - BBL, Inc. RPC - Regency Construction
RPC - Bovis Lend Lease RPC - Resource International
RPC - Hammond RPC - Ruscilli
RPC - The Quandel Group
BBL Construction Services Regency/Ruhlin
Barton Malow / Rupp Rosebrock Resource / Turner
Bovis Lend Lease Resource/Rohrer/Karlsberger
Bowen / Foreman Resource/Skillman
Bowen/Washington/Regency Richard Bowen / Washington Group
Carbone - Ozanne - Hammond Management Team Richard L. Bowen and Associates
Fanning-Howey Ruhlin
G. Stephens, Inc./PCS Ruhlin/Kenmore
Gilbane Ruhlin/Panzica/Jenkins
Gilbane North Rupp/Rosebrock, R.J. Runge Company, and McCarthy Smith
Hammond Construction Rupp/Rosebrock/Tuttle/Barton Malow
Hammond/Ozanne Ruscilli
Heery Ruscilli Danis & Quandel Management Group
Heery/Amec/G Stephens Ruscilli/KAPP
Hill International Ruscilli/Quandel/Stevens
LGB LLC Scaparotti Construction Group
Lathrop Shook Touchstone
Megen Construction Skillman/Resource
Megen-Skillman Smoot
Ohio State School for the Blind and Ohio School for the Deaf Smoot Elford McDaniels
Ozanne/Hammond/Gilbane/Regency Smoot Elford Wesson
PCS/G. Stephens Smoot/Elford/Resource
PCS/KBJ Touchstone
PCS/Loncoleman Touchstone/Bostleman
PCS/Regency Training
Panzica/Quandel Turner Cincinnati/DAG
Project and Construction Services, Inc. Turner Cincinnati/DAG/TYS
Quandel Turner Columbus
Quandel/Danis Building Co. Turner Columbus/Resource
R.P. Carbone/Kitchell/Resource Turner/Megen
Regency Construction Services Turner/Wise
Regency Whiting Turner Van Auken Akins Tuttle/Barton Malow, LLC
Regency-Middough URS
Regency/Bowen/Stephens URS Corporation
URS/Turner Cleveland/CTE/Loncoleman
The mission of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission is:
"To lead collaboration with our partners in the planning, design, and construction of public facilities through quality service, expertise and knowledge sharing."